10 Best VPNs for Torrenting safely

Most VPNs that exaggerate themselves on torrent sites are either slow or incapable of maintaining privacy. Not everyone is trustworthy, so we offer only trusted and tested VPNs to choose from.


Torrenting is risky, andarehile peer-to-peer file sharing is undeniably useful, you inevitably expose yourself to threats from bad actors.

Governments and internet providers attempting to stop downloading music, films, or games by P2p are still prevalent.

We have tested around 300 of VPNs to find out which VPN is suitable for torrenting. After the testing through day and night, we found the 10 VPNs that are good for torrenting; this list of ten VPNs is based on the performance, speed, or security.

How to choose the best VPN for Torrenting

The virtual private organizations we’ve selected all support torrenting yet – similarly as important – are equipped with the right features and tools required while torrenting.

A few are self-evident, starting with protection and security. It would help if you had a VPN with solid edition protocols and port forwarding turned off by default. A clear no-logs start such assurance is crucial – the biggest VPN suppliers have even begun to have these freely audited.

DNS Leaks:

A DNS leak is such a security defect that affectively allows your IP address to be seen by others, for example, cybercriminals or the government. Any VPN meriting probably some regard will have strong encryption measures and protocols set up that guarantee DNS spills aren’t possible and along these lines keep you baffling on the web.

Safe torrenting with VPN:

Just as giving all the information you trade online start to finish encryption, torrenting with a VPN turned on additionally assists with keeping your character unknown. That implies there’s zero chance for your ISP or any other person discovering your identity or what you’re downloading on the web.

1- NordVPN

It is easy to configure for Mac and affordable for bypassing geo-blocks.

2- ExpressVPN

Quick and secure connections

3- Surf Shark

An unlimited connection makes it the best value for money.

4- Cyber Ghost.

Best choice for beginners

5- Private Internet Access

Reliability and ease to use make it a solid choice.

6- PrivateVpn

It is reliable for its fastest speed and security features.

7- IP Vanish

Its powerful IOS app is easy to use.

8- Wind scribe:

It is one of the most accessible apps around the clock.

9- Vypr VPN:

Dedicated app for torrenting and super easy to use.

10- Zen Mate:

It is a steady and reliable VPN.