10 best VPNs for Android

We have picked the ten best-performing VPNs in the industry. Compare them carefully and choose the most suitable VPN for your Android device.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the significance of selecting the perfect VPN for your Android device cannot be overstated. With a myriad of options at your fingertips, making an informed decision is paramount.

Our journey has taken us deep into the world of VPNs, dissecting their features, and rigorously assessing their performance. The culmination of our efforts is a meticulously curated list of exceptional VPNs, each armed with the ability to safeguard your data and elevate your online experience.

Join us as we unveil the elite league of VPNs that have demonstrated their prowess in the Android realm.

It’s hard to find a VPN that works well on Android. I have tested 73 VPNs. Most of them were slow and useless.

That’s why I always recommend using a premium VPN like NORD VPN. It is fast, versatile, and secure.

Some free VPNs can be used without putting your privacy at risk. After testing, I have made a list of some VPNs suitable for androids without putting your privacy at risk, or this list is based on the performance or the speed of these VPNs.

Best VPNs for Android

  1. Nord VPN
  2. Hotspot shield
  3. Wind scribe
  4. Hide me
  5. Private VPN
  6. Tunnel bear
  7. Proton VPN
  8. Opera VPN
  9. Speedify
  10. Betternet


VPN networks are used to maintain security and provide high performance at high speed. It keeps your data out of the reach of hackers.


Premium VPNs offer apps for most platforms.


The VPNs we picked all offer easy-to-use, lightweight applications for Android. We looked around structured applications that are anything but difficult to use and won’t squander information or RAM.

As it were, these VPNs won’t moderate your gadget down.


The most secure free VPNs are restricted versions of premium services. They are intended to give you a no-cost preliminary and urge you to upgrade. These limitations can include limited speed, information, data transmission, or a restricted time of unrestricted use.

You may access a couple of workers, as well. It makes it challenging to download torrents; the limitations on “VPNs are typically considerably more noteworthy and restrictive. You’ll experience busy servers. Your association will routinely drop, and you may need to trust that space on a server will open up. What’s more, regardless of whether you do jump on a worker, if it’s occupied, your association will be painfully low, making streaming, torrenting, or whatever else that uses lots of data practically unthinkable.

1- Nord VPN

Nord VPN: Elevate Your Connection Speeds and Security Quotient

Nord VPN rises as an undisputed titan in the VPN realm. Beyond providing mere security, it redefines the landscape with its prowess. Boasting lightning-fast speeds and a collection of streaming-optimized servers engineered to unblock Netflix, Nord VPN ensures seamless navigation through your online ventures. Enhanced security features combined with a 30-day money-back guarantee underscore its commitment to excellence.

  • Lightning-fast speed
  • Streaming optimized servers to unblock Netflix.
  • World-class security features.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is fast, secure, and unlimited. You can try it risk-free with 30 days of the money-back guarantee.

2- Hotspot shield

Hotspot Shield: Fortifying Your Digital Fortress

Hotspot Shield emerges as a stalwart guardian of your digital domain. An allocation of 500 MB of free data per day, coupled with high-speed servers and military-grade encryption, positions this VPN as a formidable protector. Unwavering connections and premium security attributes make Hotspot Shield a steadfast ally in your Android journey.

  • 500 Mb of free data per day.
  • High-speed servers
  • Military-grade encryption

Reliable, high-speed connections and premium security features.

3- Wind scribe

Windscribe: Capturing the Essence of Connectivity

Windscribe harnesses the winds of connectivity, offering a generous 10 GB of free data each month. Bolstered by an ad and malware blocker, this user-centric Android app takes your browsing experience to new heights. The inclusion of spin tunneling further solidifies Windscribe’s status as a prime choice.

  • 10 GB of free data every month
  • Ad and malware blocker
  • Spin tunneling

User-friendly android app with built-in ad and malware blocker.

4- Hide me

Hide.me: Marrying Security and Swiftness

Hide.me seamlessly fuses military-level security mechanisms with swift connections. P2P compatibility and a plethora of high-speed servers underline its commitment to uninterrupted performance while preserving data integrity.

  • Military level security features
  • P2p friendly
  • High-speed connections

It’s High-speed connections and military-grade security.

5- Private VPN

Private VPN: Unshackling Your Browsing Potential

Private VPN defies limitations by offering unlimited bandwidth and unfettered access to over 60 server locations. With its unwavering performance, impervious security, and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions, Private VPN stands as a versatile companion for all Android-related pursuits.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • It gives Full access to 60+server locations.

Dependable, secure, and able to bypass geo-blocks.

6- TunnelBear

TunnelBear: Navigating the Digital Terrain with Finesse

TunnelBear guides you through the digital wilderness with its 500 MB data allocation. Sporting a fast and user-friendly app, coupled with the Ghost Bear mode that circumvents geo-restrictions, VPN blocks, and censorship, TunnelBear ensures a seamless expedition through the online realm.

  • 500 Mb date
  • Bypass VPN blocks and deep packet inspection.
  • Fast, user-friendly app.

Its Ghost Bear mode bypasses geo-restrictions, VPN blocks, and censorship.

7- Proton VPN

Proton VPN: Where Boundless Data Meets Unyielding Encryption

Boasting limitless data and high-speed servers spanning the US, Japan, and the Netherlands, Proton VPN commands attention. Its top-tier encryption further reinforces its status as a pinnacle choice for Android enthusiasts seeking an optimal blend of speed and security.

  • Unlimited data
  • Servers in the US, Japan, and the Netherland.
  • Best in class encryption.

Unlimited data, high speed, bandwidth, easy to use the lightweight android app.

8- Opera VPN

Opera VPN: Shattering Limits with Infinite Data

Opera VPN radiates with its offer of unlimited free data and a server network spanning the USA, Europe, and Asia. This secure browser plugin transforms your online engagement by safeguarding your data sans the hassle of account creation.

  • Unlimited free data
  • Servers in the USA, Europe, and Asia

Secure opera browser plugin with unlimited data. You don’t need to create an account.

9- Speedify

Speedify: Fusing Velocity with Impenetrable Security

Speedify’s allocation of 5GB free data per month, coupled with P2P support, redefines your browsing experience. The unique channel bonding feature amplifies connection speeds, paving the way for unhindered navigation of the digital realm.

  • 5Gb free data per month
  • P2p support
  • Unblock US Netflix

5GB of free data per month and a unique channel bonding feature to maximize your connection speed

10- Betternet

Betternet: Amplify Your Security Quotient

Betternet is synonymous with elevated security features and a P2P-friendly approach. Its user-intuitive Android app, bolstered by 500 MB of daily free data, ensures unencumbered exploration of the digital expanse.

  • P2p friendly
  • High-end security features.

Intuitive android app with 500 MB of free data per day. Supports P2p connections.

Conclusion: Selecting Your Guardian of Android Privacy

In a domain replete with Android VPNs, these ten juggernauts transcend convention, presenting a harmonious amalgamation of security, speed, and ease of use. Each VPN on this illustrious list brings a unique strength to the table, guaranteeing a perfect fit for every discerning user. Whether you prioritize lightning-paced connections, ironclad security, or limitless data, the optimal VPN awaits you within this meticulously curated selection.

In this era of digital evolution, the imperative of securing your online presence cannot be overstated. Embrace the power of these exceptional VPNs and embark on a journey that’s secure, seamless, and exhilarating. Your Android device deserves nothing less than the finest, and these VPNs stand ready to deliver precisely that.