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VyPr VPN Review

A well-known Swiss-based VPN from a similar stable of companies as US ISP Texas.net, Data Foundry, and top Usenet supplier Giganews, VyprVPN has a fair estimated network 700+ servers over 70 areas across 64 countries. These aren’t exclusively centered around Europe and North America either; VyprVPN has 14 locations in Asia, 5 in the Middle East, 7 in Central and South America, 2 in Africa, and 5 in Oceania.

Stunningly better, these servers are claimed and managed by the companies permitting VyprVPN to call the attention that it ‘works 100% without outsiders.’

Welcome features incorporate unlimited data using a zero-information DNS service, a redid Chameleon convention to help sidestep VPN hindering, and 24/7/365 help to keep the service running easily.

Wide platform support incorporates applications for Windows, Mac, and iOS, Android, the best Chromebooks, along with routers QNAP, Anonabox, Smart TVs, and Blackphone.

If that is insufficient, the site has more than 30 instructional exercises to help you physically set up the service on Chromebooks, Linux, Blackberry, Synology NAS, OpenELEC, Android TV, Apple TV, and using DD-WRT, AsusWRT, OpenWRT, and then some.

It looks great to us, although there is one likely issue: VyprVPN doesn’t have any program expansions.

The site has the standard thing ‘no logging’ claims, yet not like a large portion of the opposition. Do you need to accept these based on previous experience? In 2018, VyprVPN had a free review to check that it doesn’t log or offer anything about what you’re doing a web-based, including meeting logs, and you can peruse the report for yourself.


VyprVPN ensures your security with all-around chosen protocols and industrial quality encryption. It supports AES-256-GCM and SHA384 HMAC naturally, with TLS-ECDHE-RSA-2048 to give Perfect Forward Secrecy.

IKEv2 is likewise accessible, and on a greater number of applications since our last review (it’s currently an alternative on Windows, for example).

Following many services, VyprVPN has now dropped help for the more seasoned protocols, PPTP and L2TP. As we’ve talked about, you can now additionally pick VyprVPN’s Chameleon 2.0 convention, perhaps permitting you to sidestep forceful VPN hindering and get associated. It’s another alternative on the iOS application, as well.

We don’t endeavor to test access from China; however, VyprVPN is undeniably more forthright about its administration issues than most suppliers, distributing subtleties of any current problems on its Service Status page.

If you’re experiencing issues connecting with the service, unblocking specific streaming sites, or whatever else, the Service Status page ordinarily has more data accessible. We can’t state whether it incorporates each issue the organization is encountering. Yet, it is routinely refreshed by all accounts with a ton of valuable subtleties, and the way that it exists at all is a significant credit to VyprVPN. We wish different suppliers would be as forthright about their administration challenges.


Making sense of a VPN’s genuine logging systems can require spending an age burrowing through the protection strategy, terms of administration, uphold records, and then some, before attempting to choose the amount you can believe whatever the supplier has said.

VyprVPN enhances this quickly with a security strategy that comes to the heart of the matter, clarifying that there’s no logging of source or objective IP addresses, association start or stops times, client traffic, or DNS demands.

Far better, you don’t need to take VyprVPN’s assertion on this, as in September 2018, the organization employed Leviathan Security Group to review the stage and produce a public report on its logging rehearses.

The outcomes [PDF] are accessible to all on the VyprVPN site and make a fascinating read. Specialists will locate a colossal measure of detail on how VyprVPN functions. The top to bottom testing performed by the evaluators (signing in to workers, investigating running cycles, looking at source code, and that’s just the beginning).

Every other person can check the leader synopsis, which clarifies that the review first found a couple of restricted issues (‘from incidental setup botches’). Yet, these were ‘immediately fixed,’ and ‘therefore, [the audit] can furnish VyprVPN clients with the confirmation that the organization isn’t logging their VPN movement.’

While that is surprising news, and still considerably more than most VPN suppliers have done, we trust VyprVPN doesn’t stop there. It’s been moving toward year and a half since this review, a lot of time for new issues to have sprung up. TunnelBear now has yearly security reviews of its administration (it’s had three up until this point), and we’d prefer to see different suppliers do likewise.

Pricing & Plans:

VyprVPN has smoothed out its evaluating structure as of late, making it simpler to perceive what you will, and giving better worth.

There’s no compelling reason to pick between an underpowered standard arrangement and a more proficient, however generally costly Premium choice; for example, all plans presently incorporate every one of VyprVPN’s highlights.

Month to month charged plans are somewhat costly at $12.95, up from $9.95 last time.

The yearly arrangement is essentially less expensive at a month to month $3.75, however, down from $5.

Far better, another two-year plan reduces the cost to simply $2.50 every month. That is path superior to most suppliers – even NordVPN’s three-year list is $3.49 per month – even though it actually can’t exactly contend with Surfshark’s $1.99 every month for a long time of administration.


To comprehend this present reality execution of a VPN, we put each help we audit through a progression of protracted tests.

Our VyprVPN checks started by starting up a custom content associated with an example of 50 VyprVPN workers using OpenVPN, estimated association times, and recorded any association disappointments. They utilized geolocation to confirm the worker area and ran ping tests to search for any dormancy issues.

The administration got off to a great beginning, with not a solitary association mistake from any worker. Association times were steady at six seconds, and latencies were as we’d expect for all areas.

VyprVPN’s workers all returned IP addresses from their promoted areas. Not many workers might be genuinely situated in different nations – VyprVPN’s Maldives and Marshall Islands workers have all the earmarks of being in Singapore.

For example, however, they’ll give you Maldives and Marshall Islands IP addresses, facilitating them in Singapore to make for quicker and more solid associations.


Bottom Line:

VyprVPN isn’t the least expensive, or the quickest, or the most impressive VPN. In any case, it’s superior to many, and there’s bounty more to like here, from the wide stage uphold, to dependable site unblocking, and an itemized no-logging public review which proposes this is a VPN you can trust.