Vivo X Fold Review.

vivo X Fold review

Screens on the inside and outside 0 cell phone with a regrettable folding screen!

In the last six months, the market for folding screen mobile phones has seen a tiny surge. Several big domestic smartphone manufacturers have unveiled their own flagships with foldable screens. Their own answer sheets on how to design a folding screen mobile phone, including screen size, folding strategy, interactive experience, and other factors.

Following the viewing of numerous responses, Vivo also showed its first folding project.

The Vivo X Fold folding screen mobile phone, as its own folding debut, basically skips the “pit” that previous folding screens have walked on, and learns from each other’s strengths to make up for the flaws. Among the present folding displays, it can be described as having the most comprehensive and perfect hardware arrangement. exist.

The dual-screen 120Hz high-brush, Samsung diamond arrangement, and E5 material are all available, and the internal screen also supports the newest LTPO adaptive refresh technology, so you can be assured that your visual needs will be met.

The best 3D ultrasonic dual-screen fingerprints are also installed on internal and external screens. It can eliminate the interference of water stains and has a very high identification rate and a broader recognition area when compared to the side fingerprints that were often employed previously. Also, it’s more attractive.

The teardrop hinge, which has nearly no wrinkles visually and can be hovered freely to be more ideal, is also used on the hinge.

In terms of imaging, the vivo X Fold is on par with the flagship. The image quality is even greater thanks to a rare periscope telephoto lens, an unlimited all-focal length rear camera system, and a Zeiss-certified lens.

Its image capabilities are not only among the greatest in folding screens but also among the best in all premium smartphones.