Vivo Pad first review: 14+ hours of battery life is invincible

Vivo Pad

The initial shot is a multi-purpose weapon! First impressions of the vivo Pad: The battery life of 14+ hours is amazing.

The initial shot is a multi-purpose weapon! First impressions of the vivo Pad: The battery life of 14+ hours is amazing.

Introduction: Vivo Pad was created in response to the high demand for tablets.The tablet market, which had been quiet for a long time, has seen a resurgence in the last two years, with a massive increase in sales. A hundred flowers are budding, each with its own qualities, as a result of several mobile phone makers launching tablet products.

According to IDC, an authoritative market research firm, China’s tablet market sales in 2021 will be around 28.46 million devices, up 21.8 percent year over year, the highest growth rate in the past seven years.

On April 11, Vivo held a new product launch conference and unveiled a slew of new goods all at once, including the Vivo Pad, the brand’s first tablet in years.

With the maturation of technologies such as split-screen small windows and cross-screen cooperation, Vivo’s entry into the tablet market is a foregone conclusion.

The Vivo Pad made a strong initial impression on us as the first tablet product. It can be stated to be full of games, amusement, and productivity.

The Vivo Pad tablet has an 11-inch 2.5K 120Hz super-sensing primary color LCD screen with a resolution of 25601600 and a PPI of 276 in terms of hardware configuration. It has a P3 broad color gamut and a 1 billion color true color display, as well as HDR10 and Duo. In terms of parameters, it is a very nice screen when compared to the horizon, hardware-level anti-blue light, and so on.

Snapdragon 870+LPDDR4X+UFS 3.1 is the fundamental configuration, which is also the most popular performance three-piece combo on the market.

The system comes with OriginOS HD, which is based on a deep modification of OriginOS, and it’s self-evident that this OS is tailored for tablets, as well as optimized and fitted for UI and dynamic effects.

The traditional split-screen and small windows are naturally not a problem when maximizing the benefits of the widescreen, and it also actively adjusts to as many as 3,200 programs, allowing for quick browsing in the left and right dual windows and the ability to modify the window ratio.

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The Vivo Pad has also broken down the barriers between mobile phones and tablets, and cross-screen processing activities are relayed, making it possible to use a mobile phone on a tablet without difficulty, saving the headache of information non-communication.

It also expands the Vivo Pad’s usage situations when combined with the smart touch keyboard and stylus.